Somali X Music ?

Music bot for playing music on telegram voice chat group.


Get STRING_SESSION from here:



  • /play <song name> – play song you requested
  • /playlist – Show now playing list
  • /current – Show now playing
  • /song <song name> – download songs you want quickly
  • /search <query> – search videos on youtube with details
  • /video <song name> – download videos you want quickly
  • /lyric <query> – searching lyric
  • /q or /quotly <reply text> – make a sticker by reply text like @quotlybot
  • /paste – paste your text or document to pastebin and make photo from that

Admins Only

  • /player – open music player settings panel
  • /pause – pause song play
  • /resume – resume song play
  • /skip – play next song
  • /end – stop music play
  • /musicplayer on – to disable music player in your group
  • /musicplayer off – to enable music player in your group
  • /userbotjoin – invite assistant to your chat
  • /userbotleave – remove assistant from your chat
  • /reload – Refresh admin list
  • /uptime – check the bot uptime status
  • /ping – check the bot ping status

Sudo User

  • /pmpermit on | off turn on/off the assistant pmpermit
  • /userbotleaveall – order the assistant to leave all groups
  • /gcast – send a broadcast message
  • /rmd – remove all downloaded file

If you deploy on heroku, sudo can :

  • /usage – see your dynos usage for your app
  • /update – to push last commit on github
  • /restart – restarting your bot
  • /setvar <var> <value> – add or retype your var on heroku
  • /delvar <var name> delete your var on heroku


  • .yes – approve user for sending message to assistant
  • .no – disapprove user for sending message to assistant

? Support Inline Search

Heroku Deployment ?

The easy way to host this bot, deploy to Heroku


Deploy On VPS ?

  • sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y
  • sudo apt install git curl python3-pip ffmpeg -y
  • pip3 install -U pip
  • curl -sL | bash -
  • sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
  • npm i -g npm
  • git clone # Clone your repo.
  • cd KennedyXMusic
  • pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt
  • cp example.env .env #Use vim to edit ENVs
  • vim .env #Fill up your ENVs ( Steps press i to enter in insert mode then edit the file. Press Esc to exit the editing mode then type :wq! and press Enter key to save the file.)
  • python3 # Run the bot

Credits ?️

Support & Updates ?


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