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Gruvbox Gruvbox
Nord Nord
Palenight Palenight


This is my fork of capitaine-cursors, patched with some additional variants (Gruvbox, Nord, Palenight).



  1. Download “” from release page and extract it.
  2. Navigate to Start > Settings > System > Display, check the scale of your display.
  3. If it’s 100%, right click Install_1x.inf and select “Install”.
  4. If it’s 150% or above, right click Install.inf and select “Install”.


For Arch Linux users, you can install this theme from AUR.

For other Linux distros, download “” from release page and extract it, then copy the folders into ~/.icons or ~/.local/share/icons.

Build from source



If you want to patch the colors:

$ ./ Nord # One of Nord, Gruvbox, Palenight

To build X11 Cursors:

$ make unix
$ make unix X_SIZES=22          # Only built '22px' pixel-size.
$ make unix X_SIZES=22 24 32    # Multiple sizes are provided with  ' '(Space)

To build Windows Cursors:

$ make windows
$ make windows WIN_SIZE=32      # Supports only one pixel-size


This cursor theme is originally designed by @keeferrourke.

The build source code is based on ful1e5/apple_cursor.

The new color variants are added by @sainnhe.


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