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NanoChat is an application for connecting with your friends using Python that uses ONLY default Python libraries. Clients connect to NanoChat servers, and can communicate. Anyone can set up and host a NanoChat server from a VPS or at home. Both applications are included.

Free and Open Source

Scroll down to learn how to install and set up the server <

Downloading and Connecting to Server

git clone
cd nanochat
rm -r server
cd client

# Run client as superuser
sudo python3

Then enter the server IP and port of the NanoChat Server

Setting up a NanoChat Server

The good thing about NanoChat, is it uses a basic socket network. You can edit server.conf and change the port to anything you want. If you are hosting the server at your home, you will need to Port Forward that same port on your home network. You can leave the host as but if you are using a VPS you should use the public IP of the server. Some good VPS sites are: -AWS -Linode -DigitalOcean -WolfISP

git clone
cd nanochat
rm -r client
cd server

# Run client as superuser
sudo python3

The NanoChat server also comes with a SystemD Service installer file, if you are using the systemd init system on your server, then you can use this to automatic ally create a NanoChat server service.

The benefits of this are purely to run the server headlessly, without needing a shell/remote shell open to run it ?

cd nanochat/server
chmod +x
sudo ./

If you chose not to automatically start the service you cant start it with:

sudo systemctl start nanochat-server.service

Then to check status:

sudo systemctl status nanochat-server.service


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