Nebula Server Directories

This site can be used to list folder and subdirectories in your server :


It’s required to have Python 3.8 or more  installed on your system.
Download Python

Installation using Pipenv

Install pipenv dependencies:

python3 -m pip install pipenv

Now, you can create an empty .venv directory and running pipenv.
It will install packages in the virtual environment (recommended).

pipenv install


You have to write the configuration in the config.toml file,
here is an example:

url = "http://localhost:4242/"

    name = "Adrien"

        path = "/home/adrien/Documents"

        path = "/home/adrien/Images"

The folders option are used to show the root points for the listing of directories.


You can specify the host and the port for the flask server:

flask run -h localhost -p 4242

Now you can see your site at http://localhost:4242/