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A modular telegram Python bot running on python3 with an sqlalchemy, mongodb database.

╒═══「 Status 」

  • Maintained
  • Support Group Included
  • Free
  • OpenSourced
  • Creadits Must there ?
  • Working Instance Available
  • Clean Code
  • Heroku Deploy
  • Railway Deploy
  • Docker/Local Machine

╘══「 Can be found on telegram as Neko Robot

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╒═══「 Credits 」

The bot is based of on the original work done by Hodacka
This repo was just reamped to suit an Anime-centric community. All original credits go to Hodacka and his dedication, Without his efforts, this fork would not have been possible!

╒═══「 Creator Info/Credits 」

╘══「 Any other authorship/credits can be seen through the commits. 」

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The Support group can be reached out to at @NekoXSupport, where you can ask for help about Neko Robot, discover/request new features, report bugs, and stay in the loop whenever a new update is available.

Heroku Deploy

The Easiest Way to Deploy This Bot is Via Heroku.
In Order To deploy, You Just Have Fill The Necessary Environment Variables and Done!


Railway Deploy

The Unlimited Dyons to Deploy This Bot is Via Railway.
In Order To deploy, You Just add The Variables Manually in Railway and Done!


More Deploy Options

Deploying on Local Machine

    ~$ git clone
    ~$ cd NekoXRobot
    ~$ cp

Edit with your own Values

Start with python -m NekoXRobot

Deploying On IDE VMs Like

        Refer to Deploying On Local Machine.


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