Reduced contrast, expanded, and continuously developed version of the CDDA tileset NeoDays that’s being completed with new sprites for missing items.

Credit for anything not 100% mine goes to the original NeoDays tileset

If you would like to help with the NeoDaysPlus tileset, Click here for the Contribution Guide!

Differences to the OG NeoDays

Reduced contrast for terrain and floor tiles. Some bright colours have been muted slightly.

Reduced contrast and lowered brightness

Grass has been pruned to only one tuft of grass that slightly changes position via autotiling

Shallow water/deep water/sewage/slime have an autotile that includes a border for clearer differentiation of terrain while giving a border for bodies of water

Wilderness and water

Reduced dots on road tiles for reduced visual noise

Sidewalk uses new tile based on NeoDays’ cement tile for reduced visual noise (especially when beside road tiles)

Urban and Roads

Removed light-blue open air tile for light-sensitivity.

2nd+ Floor

Additional Differences

  • Reduction of vanilla ascii fallbacks
    • Several dozen fallback items/mobs have been reassigned to either OG NeoDays tiles that fit, or freshly created ones (located in plus.png)

Mod support (literally no priority)

Currently working through Vanilla

  • Beginning Magiclysm coverage in v2.0.0


Cataclysm:Dark Days Ahead and the NeoDaysPlus tileset is the result of contributions from volunteers under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license. The code and content of the game is free to use, modify, and redistribute for any purpose whatsoever. See Creative Commons for details. Some code distributed with the project is not part of the project and is released under different software licenses, the files covered by different software licenses have their own license notices.