1. Dump networkx graph into nodes/relations TSV

from neo4jnx.tsv import graph_to_tsv
g = pklload('indranet_dir_graph.pkl')
graph_to_tsv(g, 'docker/nodes.tsv.gz', 'docker/edges.tsv.gz')
  1. Run Docker build for neo4j which loads dumped TSVs

cd docker
docker build --tag neo4j_test:latest .
  1. Launch Docker container

docker run -d -it -p 7475:7474 -p 7688:7687 neo4j_test:latest
  1. Instantiate Neo4jDiGraph object with config matching the launched container

from neo4jnx import Neo4jDiGraph
g = Neo4jDiGraph(neo4j_url='neo4j://localhost:7688',
                 neo4j_auth=('neo4j', 'admin'),
                 property_loaders={'statements': json.loads,
                                   'belief': float, 'weight': float,
                                   'z_score': float, 'corr_weight': float})


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