Neural Architecture Search on ImageNet in Four GPU Hours: A Theoretically Inspired Perspective [PDF]

Language grade: Python MIT licensed

Wuyang Chen, Xinyu Gong, Zhangyang Wang

In ICLR 2021.


We present TE-NAS, the first published training-free neural architecture search method with extremely fast search speed (no gradient descent at all!) and high-quality performance.


  • Trainig-free and label-free NAS: we achieved extreme fast neural architecture search without a single gradient descent.
  • Bridging the theory-application gap: We identified two training-free indicators to rank the quality of deep networks: the condition number of their NTKs, and the number of linear regions in their input space.
  • SOTA: TE-NAS achieved extremely fast search speed (one 1080Ti, 20 minutes on NAS-Bench-201 space / four hours on DARTS space on ImageNet) and maintains competitive accuracy.


  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Python 3.6.9
  • CUDA 10.1 (lower versions may work but were not tested)
  • NVIDIA GPU + CuDNN v7.3

This repository has been tested on GTX 1080Ti. Configurations may need to be changed on different platforms.


  • Clone this repo:
git clone
  • Install dependencies:
pip install -r requirements.txt


0. Prepare the dataset

  • Please follow the guideline here to prepare the CIFAR-10/100 and ImageNet dataset, and also the NAS-Bench-201 database.
  • Remember to properly set the TORCH_HOME and data_paths in the

1. Search

NAS-Bench-201 Space

python --space nas-bench-201 --dataset cifar10 --gpu 0
python --space nas-bench-201 --dataset cifar100 --gpu 0
python --space nas-bench-201 --dataset ImageNet16-120 --gpu 0


python --space darts --dataset cifar10 --gpu 0
python --space darts --dataset imagenet-1k --gpu 0

2. Evaluation

  • For architectures searched on nas-bench-201, the accuracies are immediately available at the end of search (from the console output).
  • For architectures searched on darts, please use DARTS_evaluation for training the searched architecture from scratch and evaluation.


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