What is deepaudio-speaker?

Deepaudio-speaker is a framework for training neural network based speaker embedders. It supports online audio augmentation thanks to torch-audiomentation. It inlcudes or will include popular neural network architectures and losses used for speaker embedder.

To make it easy to use various functions such as mixed-precision, multi-node training, and TPU training etc, I introduced PyTorch-Lighting and Hydra in this framework (just like what pyannote-audio and openspeech do).

Deepaudio-tts is coming soon.


conda create -n deepaudio python=3.8.5
conda activate deepaudio
conda install numpy cffi
conda install libsndfile=1.0.28 -c conda-forge
git clone https://github.com/deepaudio/deepaudio-speaker.git
cd deepaudio-speaker
pip install -e .

Get Started

Supported Datasets



Training examples

  • Example1: Train the ecapa-tdnn model with fbank features on GPU.
$ deepaudio-speaker-train  \
    dataset=voxceleb2 \
    dataset.dataset_path=/your/path/to/voxceleb2/dev/wav/ \
    model=ecapa \
    model.channels=1024 \
    feature=fbank \
    lr_scheduler=warmup_reduce_lr_on_plateau \
    trainer=gpu \
  • Example2: Extract speaker embedding with trained model.