glow-speak is a fast, local, neural text to speech system that uses eSpeak-ng as a text/phoneme front-end.


git clone
cd glow-speak/

python3 -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip3 install --upgrade pip
pip3 install --upgrade setuptools wheel
pip3 install -f '' -r requirements.txt

python3 develop
glow-speak --version


The following languages/voices are supported:

  • German
    • de_thorsten
  • Chinese
    • cmn_jing_li
  • Greek
    • el_rapunzelina
  • English
    • en-us_ljspeech
    • en-us_mary_ann
  • Spanish
    • es_tux
  • Finnish
    • fi_harri_tapani_ylilammi
  • French
    • fr_siwis
  • Hungarian
    • hu_diana_majlinger
  • Italian
    • it_riccardo_fasol
  • Korean
    • ko_kss
  • Dutch
    • nl_rdh
  • Russian
    • ru_nikolaev
  • Swedish
    • sv_talesyntese
  • Swahili
    • sw_biblia_takatifu
  • Vietnamese
    • vi_vais1000


Download Voices

glow-speak-download de_thorsten

Command-Line Synthesis

glow-speak -v en-us_mary_ann 'This is a test.' --output-file test.wav

HTTP Server

glow-speak-http-server --debug

Visit http://localhost:5002

Socket Server

Start the server:

glow-speak-socket-server --voice en-us_mary_ann --socket /tmp/glow-speak.sock

From a separate terminal:

echo 'This is a test.' | bin/glow-speak-socket-client --socket /tmp/glow-speak.sock | xargs aplay

Lines from client to server are synthesized, and the path to the WAV file is returned (usually in /tmp).


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