NeuTex: Neural Texture Mapping for Volumetric Neural Rendering



Run on the provided DTU scene

cd run
bash 114

(Install any missing library from pip)

Further fine tuning for texture after fixing the geometry

bash 114

Run on custom datasets

Similar to the provided DTU scene, you will need to provide a custom data loader
similar to data/ and modify the dataset arguments in the bash
scripts accordingly.

Similar to the, the custom dataset needs to provide the
following fields when getting and item:

  • gt_mask, a 0/1 mask for background/foreground.
  • near, the near plane for point sampling on the ray
  • far, the far plane for point sampling on the ray
  • raydir, ray directions
  • gt_image, ground truth pixel colors
  • background_color, color of the image background

The captured scene must be contained in the unit cube centered at world origin.


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