built with Python3


The NFTGenerator is a NFT generator written in Python with the help of Samila. With The NFTGenerator the NFTs you Created will be sent to your storage. The API Key is changeable in the Code


Source code

  • Download Version 0.3 or Latest Source of samila
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt or pip3 install -r requirements.txt (Need root access)
  • Run python3 install or python install (Need root access)


Easy install

  • Run easy_install --upgrade samila (Need root access)


  • An NFTGenerator to generate NFTs and send them to
  • First you have to download samila
  • Go to your and klick on API Keys
  • Extract the samila zip
  • Open a CMD with root and cd into the folder you just extractet
  • image


  • You can use your own API
  • Your NFT will automatically be uploaded to your inventory.
  • Every VALID_COLOR is supportet


  • I have learned how to create python scripts
  • I have also learned how python can communicate with other software and websites.
  • The use of software to generate

Issues & bug reports

Just fill an issue and describe it. We’ll check it ASAP!

  • Please complete the issue template

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