nginx ui

We use nginx in our company lab environment. It often happens that my colleagues have developed an application that is now deployed in our Stage or Prod environment. To make this application accessible nginx has to be adapted. Most of the time my colleagues don't have the permission to access the server and change the configuration files and since I don't feel like doing this for everyone anymore I thought a UI could help us all. If you feel the same way I wish you a lot of fun with the application and I am looking forward to your feedback, change requests or even a star.


Containerization is now state of the art and therefore the application is
delivered in a container.


Repository @ DockerHub

    image: schenkd/nginx-ui:latest
      - 8080:8080
      - nginx:/etc/nginx


Image of Nginx UI

With the menu item Main Config the Nginx specific configuration files
can be extracted and updated. These are dynamically read from the Nginx
directory. If a file has been added manually, it is immediately integrated
into the Nginx UI Main Config menu item.

Image of Nginx UI

Adding a domain opens an exclusive editing window for the configuration
file. This can be applied, deleted and enabled/disabled.