NHS Streamlit App Template

Python v3.8

Deployment (local)

The tool has been built using Streamlit, a Python app framework that can be used to create web apps. To deploy the streamlit app locally we advise using a virtual environment (venv for example) and following the instructions below:

The project virtual environment can be activated in bash using the following command

python3 -m venv <path to virtual env>
source <path to virtual env>/bin/activate

To activate the virtual environment in Windows the following command can be used

<path to virtual env>\Scripts\activate

To install all the prerequisite packages to run the tool, in the terminal run the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

To run the tool locally, open a terminal whilst in the directory containing the app and run

streamlit run dashboard.py

Streamlit will then render the tool and display it in your default web browser at


When run in this way, any changes to the script in your editor will change the app running locally.

More information about Streamlit can be found from the following link:

Deployment (cloud)

The tool is deployed from the GitHub repository using Streamlit’s sharing service. To make changes to the deployed app, push changes that have been made to the source code to the GitHub repository, these changes will then be reflected in the app. Full instructions for using the tool can be found in the user guide.

The .streamlit directory contains configuration settings that affect the appearance of the application when it is deployed.


For support with using the tool, or enquiries can be directed to: [email protected].

Copyright and License

Unless otherwise specified, all content in this repository and any copies are licensed under the MIT License.


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