Non-rigid Point Cloud Registration with Neural Deformation Pyramid

Hierarchical non-rigid registration of multiple scans


Scale variant non-rigid registration with Sim(3) warp field



The code tested on python=3.8.10, pytorch=1.9.0 with the following packages:

  • pytorch3d, open3d, opencv-python, tqdm, mayavi, easydict

Obtain the 4DMatch benchmark

  • Download the train/val/4DMatch-F/4DLoMatch-F split, (google drive, 14G). We filter point cloud pairs with near-rigid motions from the original 4DMatch benchmark. 4DMatch-F & 4DLoMatch-F denote the filtered benchmark.
  • Extract it and create a soft link under this repository.
ln -s /path/to/4Dmatch  ./data

Reproduce the result of NDP (no-learned)

  • Run
python --config config/NDP.yaml  

To visualize the registration result, add --visualize.

Reproduce the result of LNDP (supervised)

  • First download pre-trained point cloud matching and outlier rejection models (google drive, 271M). Move the models to correspondence/pretrained
  • Install KPConv
cd correspondence/cpp_wrappers; sh; cd ../..
  • Finally run
python --config config/LNDP.yaml  

To visualize the registration result, add --visualize.

Run shape transfer example

python -s sim3_demo/AlienSoldier.ply -t sim3_demo/Ortiz.ply

Related projects


The datasets are obtained by agreeing to be bound by their terms and conditions. Original 4DMatch: rabbityl/lepard [License] DeformingThings4D: rabbityl/DeformingThings4D [License] Mixamo: [License]

Baselines (a few are not official):

CPD (Myronenko et al., 2010): siavashk/pycpd BCPD (Hirose et al., 2020): ohirose/bcpd Sinkhorn (Feydy et al., 2019): jeanfeydy/geomloss ZoomOut (Melzi et al., 2019): RobinMagnet/pyFM NSFP (Li et al., 2021): Lilac-Lee/Neural_Scene_Flow_Prior Nerfies (Park et al., 2021): google/nerfies GeomFmaps (Donati et al., 2020): LIX-shape-analysis/GeomFmaps FLOT (Puy et al., 2020): valeoai/FLOT PointPWC (Wu et al., 2020): DylanWusee/PointPWC Synorim (Huang et al., 2022): huangjh-pub/synorim Lepard, (Li et al., 2022): rabbityl/lepard


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