nefs tkinter utilities

These are some useful tkinter utilities that i like to personally use. I upload this here because someone might wants to use it. Someone probably made something similar (and better) to this but idrc.


To install this, simple place the ntkutils folder into the following Directory:


Now you can use this by importing the module with import ntkutils


  • ntkutils.placeappincenter(window): Place a tkinter window in the center of your screen. Specify the window with the window parameter.
  • ntkutils.ttktheme(window, source_file, theme): A simpler way of loading ttk themes. Parameters: window for the tkinter window, source_file for the .tcl theme file and theme for the theme (dark or light)
  • ntkutils.windowsetup(window, title, icon, resizeable, size): A simpler way of configuring your tkinter window. If you want to skip any parameters, just specify None.

Useless features:

  • ntkutils.sunvalley(window, theme): Imports . I made this because i use this theme very often.
  • ntkutils.sv_msgbox(parent, title, details, icon, *, buttons) I didnt make these, i just added them in here because i didn’t want to put the file in every project where i want to use these. They were made by rdbende.

Now have fun with this! (Or dont lmao)


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