A GUI for Nvidia's GauGAN/SPADE like shown in the tech demo.

This repository is similar to demo of Nvidia's GauGAN, called SPADE, but using Drawingboard.js, running a Flask app on port 80 for generating image, and django server that hosts the Drawingboard for generating images. I created this way before Nvidia published their own demo just to test. And since they are down most of the time I decided to publish.

Draw basic images and click generate to generate photo realistic scenery images.



  • Python 3
  • GPU
  • Chrome (if you want to run it locally)


1- Install PyTorch( >=1.1.0 ) and TorchVision ( >= 0.3.0 ) from their website with GPU support.

If you already have CUDA 8 and appropriate CuDNN installed, you can continue

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

3- Go to Nvidia's github repo SPADE and follow their directives and install it to a folder. Download the weight files too!



This will open a Chrome page on localhost:8000 with GUI after sometime.
Colors represent a class on COCO images. Darker green are forests, dark blue is Sea etc..


Known Problems

  • Try to use fill colour as much as you can after selecting boundaries. This is about Drawingboard.js's inability to turn off anti-aliasing and creating non-solid colors all over with the Pen tool.
  • If fill colour fills entire board, you probably gone over the frame too fast with pen and there is gap.