Object Counting and Instance Segmentation with Image-level Supervision, in CVPR 2019.


  1. System: ubuntu 16.04.
  3. Python>=3.6
  4. Pytorch version 0.4
  5. Jupyter Notebook and ipywidgets
  6. Other common packages: numpy, scipy, and so on. Please refer to environment.yml.


This respority uses some functions from PRM.

  1. Download this respority and unzip it. Make sure that the folders look like this:
  ├── Nest-pytorch
      ├── ...
  ├── PRM-pytorch
      ├── ...
  ├── ...
  1. Go inside to "CountSeg" folder by "cd path/CountSeg", where path is where you store CountSeg in your computer.
  2. Install Nest, a flexible tool for building and sharing deep learning modules, created by Yanzhao
    pip install git+
  3. Install PRM via Nest's CLI tool
    nest module install ./PRM-pytorch prm
    Validate the installation by "nest module list --filter prm", you should see something like this.
    ## Output:
    # 3 Nest modules found.
    #[0] prm.fc_resnet50 (1.0.0)
    #[1] prm.peak_response_mapping (1.0.0)
    #[2] prm.prm_visualize (1.0.0)
    If you get some error, it is because that you miss some packages. Install them and do the validation again until you can get something like above
  4. Install Nest's build-in Pytorch modules
    nest module install ./Nest-pytorch pytorch


  1. For Pascal, download dataset by simply running script in CountSeg/dataset folder.
    cd path/CountSeg/dataset
    chmod +x
    Before running the script, do not forget to change the save_path_2007 and save_path_2012 in to the path where you want to save pascal 2007 and 2012 dataset.
  2. For COCO dataset, please download dataset from COCO


Go to "CountSeg/demo" and run demo.


To reproduce the results reproted in the paper.

  1. Pascal 2007 counting
    cd path/CountSeg
    jupyter notebook
    Then open eval_counting_pascal07.ipynb and simply run each cell inside it. Make sure you change the data path in eval_counting_pascal07.ipynb.
  2. COCO 2014 counting. Open jupyter notebook and run eval_counting_coco14.ipynb. Make sure you change the data path in eval_counting_coco14.ipynb.


  1. Pascal 2007 and COCO 2014.
    cd path/CountSeg/experiments
    jupyter notebook
    Then open main-pascal.ipynb or main-coco.ipynb to do training on Pascal or COCO, respectively. Make sure you change the data path in config_counting_pascal07.yml and config_counting_coco14.yml.


If you find the code useful for your research, please cite:

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