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SnowDDL is an advanced tool for object management automation in Snowflake.

It is not intended to replace other tools entirely, but to provide an alternative approach focused on practical data engineering challenges.

You may find SnowDDL useful if:

  • complexity of data schema grows exponentially, and it becomes hard to manage;
  • your organization has multiple Snowflake accounts for different environments (dev, stage, prod);
  • your organization has multiple developers sharing the same Snowflake account;
  • it is necessary to generate some objects dynamically using Python (Data Vault, Star Schema, etc.)

Main features

  1. SnowDDL is “stateless”.
  2. SnowDDL provides built-in “Role hierarchy” model.
  4. SnowDDL re-creates invalid views automatically.
  5. SnowDDL assists your team in code review.
  6. SnowDDL supports “env prefix”.
  7. SnowDDL strikes a good balance between dependency management overhead and parallelism.
  8. SnowDDL costs very little.
  9. SnowDDL configuration can be generated dynamically in Python code.

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Created by

Vitaly Markov, 2022