ObjectDrawer-ToolBox is a graphical image annotation tool to generate ground plane masks for a 3D object reconstruction system, Object Drawer.


  • Python 3.8
  • ffmpeg



Getting Started

Given the video captured by conventional recording devices, the ObjectDrawer-ToolBox is used to sample frames from the video and label the ground plane masks. In the ground plane mask task, you need to label 3 images and only keep ground pixels in these images.

Please run

python label_image.py \
  --video_path /path/to/your/videos.mp4 

How to annotate ground plane

  1. Draw a polygon to cover the pixels area which are not belong to groud plane. Tips: red / black line denotes a unfinished / finished polygon.
  2. Press w to delete non-ground pixels when finished a polygon drawing.
  3. Repeat the step 1 & 2, until there are only ground plane areas in the image.

Operation Tips:

  • Press w to delete pixels.
  • Press d to finish current annotation and start to label next image.
  • Press esc to clear candidate regions

select pixels


delete pixels


Annotation result

After ground plane annotation, a zip file named “label_${videos}.zip” is generated in same directory as the input video.
Upload the video (“videos.mp4”) and zip file on the website of Object Drawer.


To clarify the label data format, we provided examples video & label file. You can download these data and submit to the Object Drawer website for testing.

Name Video Label File
multi-seat sofa download (.mp4) download (.zip)
single sofa download (.mov) download (.zip)


Thanks to PlenOctree for the octree converter and online viewer. We take U2NeT as the segmentation algorithm. Please consider citing their papers and following their license.


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