Occlusion Robust 3D face Reconstruction

Yeong-Joon Ju, Gun-Hee Lee, Jung-Ho Hong, and Seong-Whan Lee

Code for Occlusion Robust 3D Face Reconstruction in “Complete Face Recovery GAN: Unsupervised Joint Face Rotation and De-Occlusion from a Single-View Image (WACV 2022)”

We propose our novel two stage fine-tuning strategy for occlusion-robust 3D face reconstruction. The training method is split into two training stages due to the difficulty of initial training for extreme occlusions. We fine-tune the baseline with our newly created datasets in the first stage and with teacher-student learning method in the second stage.

Our baseline is Accurate 3D Face Reconstruction with Weakly-Supervised Learning: From Single Image to Image Set and we also referred this code. Note that we focus on alignments and colors for guidance of CFR-GAN in occluded facial images.




Prepare your own dataset for data augmentation. The datasets used in this paper can be downloaded in follows:

Except when the dataset has facial landmarks labels, you should predict facial landmarks. We recommend using 3DDFA v2. If you want to reduce error propagation of the facial alignment networks, prepend a flag to filename. (ex) “pred”+[filename])

In order to train occlusion-robust 3D face model, occluded face image datasets are essential, but they are absent. So, we create datasets by synthesizing the hand-shape mask.

python create_train_stage1.py --img_path [your image folder] --lmk_path [your landmarks folder] --save_path [path to save]

For first training stage, prepare occluded (augmented images), ori_img (original images), landmarks (3D landmarks) folders or modify folder name in train_stage1.py.

**You must align images with align.py**

meta file format is:

[filename] left eye x left eye y right eye x right eye y nose x nose y left mouth x left mouth y ...

You can use MTCNN or RetinaFace

First Fine-tuning Stage:

Instead of skin mask, we use BiseNet, face parsing network. The codes and weights were modified and re-trained from this code.

Train occlusion-robust 3D face model

python train_stage1.py

To show logs

tensorboard --logdir=logs_stage1 --bind_all --reload_multifile True

Second Fine-tuning Stage:

  • You can download MaskedFaceNet dataset in here.
  • You can download FFHQ dataset in .


python train_stage2.py

To show logs

tensorboard --logdir=logs_stage2 --bind_all --reload_multifile True


python evaluation/benchmark_nme_aflw_2000.py

If you would like to evaluate your results, please refer evaluation/estimate_aflw2000.py


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