Don’t immidiately run pip install mlregression. See Section Installation.

Occupation 2 Vector (occ2vec)

Not ready to be used publicly…

Please contact the authors below if you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvement. Thank you!

Author: Nicolaj Søndergaard Mühlbach (n.muhlbach at gmail dot com, muhlbach at mit dot edu)

Code dependencies

This code has the following dependencies:

  • Python >=3.6

  • numpy >=1.19

  • pandas >=1.3

  • shutil


Before calling pip install occ2vec, we recommend using conda to install the dependencies. In our experience, calling the following command works like a charm:
After this, install occ2vec by calling pip install occ2vec.
Note that without installing the dependencies, the package will not work. As of now, it does not work when installing the dependencies via pip install. The reason is that we are using the Intel® Extension for Scikit-learn to massively speed up computations, but the dependencies are not properly installed via pip install.


We demonstrate the use of occ2vec below.

# Libraries
# Standard

# This library


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