Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage fsspec implementation

​ ​ The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service is an internet-scale, high-performance storage platform that offers reliable and cost-efficient data durability. With Object Storage, you can safely and securely store or retrieve data directly from the internet or from within the cloud platform. ​ ocifs is part of the fsspec intake/filesystem_spec ecosystem

a template or specification for a file-system interface, that specific implementations should follow, so that applications making use of them can rely on a common interface and not have to worry about the specific internal implementation decisions with any given backend. ​ ocifs joins the list of file systems supported with this package. ​ The intake/filesystem_spec project is used by Pandas, Dask and other data libraries in python, this package adds Oracle OCI Object Storage capabilties to these libraries. ​

Example Usage:

import pandas as pd
import ocifsdf = pd.read_csv(
    "oci://[email protected]_namespace/myobject.csv",
    storage_options={"config": "~/.oci/config"},

Getting Started:

pip install ocifs

Software Prerequisites:

Python >= 3.6


ocifs Documentation


The built-in filesystems in fsspec are maintained by the intake project team, where as ocifs is an external implementation (similar to s3fs, gcsfs, adl/abfs, and so on), which is maintained by Oracle.


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