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Welcome to the documentation for django-oml!

OML means Object Moderation Layer, the idea is to have a mixin model that allows you to moderate several kinds of content.

On config set up a dictionary


        # True if some groups wont be moderated
        'OML_EXCLUDE_MODERATED': True/False,

        # List of groups id that will be omitted


This is still a project in development

Running the Tests

You can run the tests with via:

python test



This project plays well with the following Django versions:

  • Django 1.5
  • Django 1.6
  • Django 1.7
  • Django 1.8

With python 2.7 and > 3.3 support.


GitHub - angvp/django-oml: Object Moderation Layer
Object Moderation Layer. Contribute to angvp/django-oml development by creating an account on GitHub.