🌀 One of Best renamer bot repo

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Scrapped some code from @SpEcHIDe's AnyDLBot Repository
Please fork this repository don't import code
Made with Python3
(C) @TheTeleRoid
Copyright permission under GNU General Public License v3.0
License -> https://github.com/PredatorHackerzZ/RENAMER-BOT/blob/master/LICENSE


  • API_HASH Your API Hash from my.telegram.org
  • API_ID Your API ID from my.telegram.org
  • BOT_TOKEN Your bot token from @BotFather
  • AUTH_USERS Allow only pre-defined users to use this bot
  • UPDATE_GROUP Support group username without ‘@’ for help & support
  • UPDATE_CHANNEL Updates channel username without ‘@’ for force subscription


  • start – 👻 Check I’m alive or dead
  • rename – ✍🏼 Rename telegram files
  • convert – 🔄 Convert file to video
  • sthumbnail – 🌌 Current Thumbnail
  • dthumbnail – 🎇 Delete thumbnail


Deploy To Railway

Deploy on Railway