Open Stats

Discover and share the KPIs of your OpenSource project.


OpenStats is a library built on top of streamlit that extracts data from the Github API and shows the main KPIs for an OpenSource project:

  • Star evolution: What is the popularity of the repo?
  • Good First issues: Is there a focus towards the community?
  • Recurrent collaborators: How many people are involved?
  • Repository traffic: How many visits and clones do we have?

While there many other things to take into account, these metrics help us get a taste on how our project is doing in
a single view.

If you'd like to see other metrics or graphics, open an issue or jump into the action!


  • Python 3.6+
  • The main dependencies are streamlit and pandas. The configuration is managed with Levy.
  • In terms of permissions, the traffic data requires an account (token) with write to the repo.

You can install OpenStats with:

$ pip install openstats
---> 100%
Successfully installed openstats

How does it work?

OpenStats is a helper tool to build an amazing dashboard from a config file. You can check an example here:


To run a streamlit app, we need the following ingredients:

  • file that triggers the application.
  • requirements.txt, where we will just add openstats
  • Optionally, a .streamlit/config.toml config file with the theme.

By creating an openstats.yaml file, we will pick up the necessary information, build the streamlit components
and help you generate the theme file ?

This means that the final setup can look like this:

  • An with:
from import run

if __name__ == "__main__":  
  • A requirements.txt file with openstats.
  • An openstats.yaml file following the examples ?


To generate the theme file based on the config, you can run openstats-theme after installing openstats.

This will create the .streamlit/config.toml file with the properties defined in our openstats.yaml.


Let's take a look at how to configure openstats.yaml. You can see an example here:

title: "Dashboard title"
logo_file: "Image file to show at the sidebar"

client:  # Information about the repository
  root: ""  # We only support GitHub API
  owner: "e.g., pmbrull"
  repo: "e.g., OpenStats"
  start_date: "Start counting stars from this date"  # Format "Aug 1 2021" (`%b %d %Y`)

style:  # To generate the streamlit theme
  primary_color: "#7147E8"  # Also used for the charts coloring
  background_color: "#F9F8FD"
  secondary_background_color: "#EEEAF8"
  text_color: "#37352F"
  font: "sans serif"

social: "
        Free markdown text! Show your badges ?

Note that the style section is only to centralise and generate the config.toml file for streamlit. The
only added value here is that we will use the primary_color for the theme and charts.

If you don't want to add any image to the sidebar, just remove the YAML entry.

More on streamlit themes ? blog

Minimum Config

The app can run with as minimum configuration as:

title: "Levy"

  root: ""  # We only support GitHub API
  owner: "pmbrull"
  repo: "levy"
  start_date: "Aug 1 2021"  # Format `%b %d %Y`


To show the traffic data and to have a higher API query rate, we need to identify ourselves to the GitHub API.

OpenStats only supports authenticated requests. To make things work, there are two options:

  1. Prepare an API_TOKEN environment variable before running the app
  2. Use streamlit secrets when publishing the app. The secret
    should also be named API_TOKEN.

The app will first try to obtain the token from the environment variables and will fall back to using streamlit secrets.

How to create an access token ? docs


Not all computations are lightning fast. In order to provide the best possible UX, we cache the API results using
streamlit memoization features. If you want to refresh the data, there is a clear cache button available.


You can create and manage your streamlit apps at You can follow the docs
for more information.


Take a look at our CONTRIBUTING guide.


Thanks to streamlit for an amazing library and the GitHub API
for sharing all the information!


OpenStats is released under Apache License, Version 2.0

GitHub - pmbrull/open-stats at
Discover and share the KPIs of your OpenSource project! - GitHub - pmbrull/open-stats at