Overview :suspect:

OpenARB is an open source program aiming to emulate a free market while encouraging players to participate in arbitrage in order to increase working capital.

The Loop ➿

The mechanics are rather simple. Just follow the prompts and use your best judgement to turn a profit by making the right calls at the right times. Be warned though, you’ll be going into this thing with an outstanding debt that will need to be repaid in a timely manner, or you’ll drown in debt (game over). A bit like a student loan run rife, but a little more … finite.

Future ?

  • Seperate out function definitions into separate modules.
  • Improve market reroll.
  • Add random event mechanic.
  • Improve start turn overview/position summary table.
  • Add cost to travel mechanic.
  • Add travel methods mechanic.
  • Improve buy/sell mechanic.

More to come…