Operating system algorithm visualization using python pygame library.

  1. this are the basic GUI code for concurrency and deadlock algorithms. To get better algorithm visualization for students during pandemic time like covid-19.
    code for youtube video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYeOqgA5JLs&ab_channel=KrushangSATANI

    there are many algorithms which we have uploaded in a team of 4 students.
    The topics included are:

    1.  Lock variable
    2.  Strict alteration or Decker's algorithm
    3.  Producer consumer algorithm
    4.  Peterson Algorithm
    5.  Test and Set algorithm
    6.  Counting semaphore
    7.  Binary semaphore 
    8.  Dining philosopher 

Group members:

  1. Krushang Satani
  2. Naisargi Savaliya
  3. Chailcy patel
  4. prasanna patel
  5. dineesha soni


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