organize your books on the command line


make booki aware of books

  • add -> add a book by typing in the book's information
  • discover <isbn> -> try to pull in book's information from OpenLibrary

search for booki books

  • search <type> <query> -> search for a book
    • type - either title or author
    • query - a string to match (can use ^ and/or $ for beginning/end of string)

manage shelves

  • shelves -> list all shelves and their counts
  • browse <shelf_name> <<search terms>> -> list/search books on the given shelf
  • addto <shelf_name> -> add book(s) to shelf (book(s) accepted via stdin)
  • new <shelf_name> -> create a new shelf
  • extend <shelf_name> -> add new attributes to a shelf
  • describe -> show additional attributes on shelf (if any)
  • edit -> edit additional attributes on book (if any) (accepts stdin)
  • show -> show additional attributes on book (if any) (accepts stdin)

easter egg

if you create a shelf called 'read', books on that shelf will have a '>' mark in front of them


sudo make install