Organize your downloads

organize your downloads easily with DownloadOrganizer


how to install DownloadOrganizer

Method 1:

  1. install python here

  2. find the folder, Download it

  3. move the folder to C:\Users\USER then extract it

  4. double click organizer_run.bat

and you are done

Method 2:

  1. install python with the link in method 1, you w ill also need git instaled install git

  2. type the following command
    git clone & cd DownloadsOrganizer

  3. close command prompt and find

  4. extract the file and save it to C:\Users\USER

  5. run the organizer_run.bat file

youre done

killing the program

if you do not want the program running anymore, open task manager

then find python, it should be a background task

select it, then press end task

run the program everytime your computer starts

press windows + r

on the window that just oppened, type shell:startup

on the folder that opened, right click then select new -> shortcut

create a shortcut to the organizer_run.bat file


if you want to contribute into this project, fork this project ,code, then open a pull request

ps : the dev branch is for development


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