Paaster is a secure by default end to end encrypted pastebin built with the objective of simplicity.


Video of paaster in action!


What is E2EE?

E2EE or end to end encryption is a zero trust encryption methodology. When you paste code into paaster the code is encrypted locally with a secret generated on your browser. This secret is never shared with the server & only people you share the link with can view the paste.

Can I trust a instance of paaster not hosted by me?

No. Anyone could modify the functionality of paaster to expose your secret key to the server. We recommend using a instance you host or trust.


  • Ctrl+V – Paste code.
  • Ctrl+S – Download code as file.
  • Ctrl+A – Copy all code to clipboard.
  • Ctrl+X – Copy URL to clipboard.

Requesting features

  • Open a new issue to request a feature (one issue per feature.)

What we won’t add

  • Paste editing.
    • paaster isn’t a text editor, it’s a pastebin.
  • Paste button.
    • paaster isn’t a text editor, when code is inputted it will always be automatically uploaded.
  • Optional encryption.
    • paaster will never have opt-in / opt-out encryption, encryption will always be present.



  • git clone --branch Production
  • Configure docker-compose.yml.
  • sudo docker-compose build; sudo docker-compose up -d.
  • Proxy exposed ports.

Using Rclone

Using rclone with Docker Compose


  • Unit tests
  • Developer documentation


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