Parser for air tickets’ price

How to

  • Install Firefox

  • At

    • Make sure your email smtp is enable
    • Replace user_name and user_pass with your own email account’s address and password (or secret for third party log in)
    • Replace SMTP_address to match with your email service provider
  • At

    • Replace fromCity and toCity as you need
    • Replace fromDates and toDates
      • Query will be made on
      (dateGo, dateBack) for dateBack in toDates for dateGo in fromDates
    • Set notification_threshold to the expected price value you want to be notified
  • Set filter

    • Currently not transfer for Go, not transfer and arrival time between 07:00 and 17:00 for Back
    • To be updated…
  • Run

  • Want to test if email send is functional?

    • Set notification_threshold to a large value and run to see if you can receive emails


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