Command-line interface to translation pipelines, powered by Huggingface transformers.
This tool can download translation models, and then using them to translate sentences offline.
By default, tries using models from Helsinki-NLP (each model is about 300MB large).


$ git clone
$ cd translate
$ pip3 install --user -r

If you want to be able to use this script from anywhere in your system, you can symlink or copy the translate script file into one of your path folders, like for example $HOME/.local/bin.


Listing available and installed translation models :

$ # Also available on
$ ./translate model list online | less
$ ./translate model list local | less

Downloading models :

$ ./translate download model "Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-en-es"
$ ./translate download model "Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-fr-en"

Using models to translate from CLI arguments or from standard input :

$ ./translate text -e "Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-en-es" "Hello World!"
¡Hola Mundo!
$ echo "Ceci est une phrase d'exemple simple" | ./translate text -s fr -t en
This is a simple example sentence


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