PBA: Pleco Breeding Assistant

A small monitor that reports the external, fishroom and water change parameters to have suitable water parameters and induce breeding. These two features already represent 50% of the “reproductive success of Pleco”.


Everything has been realized with a UDOO Quad board. UDOO DUAL/QUAD is a single board computer that can run Android or Linux OS, and also features an Arduino-compatible microcontroller embedded onboard. It is a powerful prototyping board for software development and design. Easy to use, it allows to develop projects with minimum knowledge of hardware design. UDOO DUAL/QUAD merges different computing worlds together: each one has its proper strengths and weak points, but all of them are useful in todays life for educational purposes as well as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and quick prototyping. UDOO DUAL/QUAD is an open hardware, low-cost platform equipped with an ARM i.MX6 NXP® processor, and an Arduino Due compatible section based on ATMEL SAM3X8E ARM processor, all this available on the same board!

The Arduino has been used with the following sensors:

  • BMP180 Temperature and pressure sensor
  • TDS Conductivity sensor
  • DS18B20 Immersion temperature sensor
  • Netatmo Environmental sensors
  • Engage Efergy Consumption sensors

The wiring diagram is as follows


To visualize the data instead it has been realized a python script to collect data from various sensors and display them through a dedicated web page


The monitor shows

  • The current consumption necessary to heat the water in the exchange tank
  • Temperature, humidity and external pressure
  • Temperature, humidity and pressure in the fish room
  • Temperature and conductivity in the exchange tank
  • An icon showing if it is raining
  • An icon that lights up in “green” in case there are conditions to stimulate reproduction (low fishroom pressure, rain, low conductivity of the exchange water, low exchange water temperature)


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