Personalized list of today’s articles from ArXiv

Print and/or send to your gmail a personalized list of today’s articles published in ArXiv based on your pre-defined multiple sets of keywords. The script returns: title, abstract and the ArXiv link for each article. Entries are grouped by your pre-defined key.

Output example



This is a very simple code that I wrote for my own personal usage. Some possible future implementations are:

  • Add information to run the code everyday automatically at a certain fixed time using crontab
  • Improve text formatting
  • Improve accessibility and user-friendliness
  • Add other options for saving the article list
  • Get the code ready to be published in PyPi

If you are willing to help, feel free to open a Pull Request and/or contact me.

How to run?

First, make sure you have Python 3+ installed and the bs4 package. If you only want to print the list and do not want to send it to your email, ignore steps 3-4 and delete/comment the last 3 rows from

if __name__ == "__main__":
    if send:
  1. Clone the repository in your computer
  2. Open in your editor and set the ArXiv’s /new URL, a dictionary of keywords (all words must be lowercase) and your gmail. Example:

URL = ""

list_key = {"PHOTO-Zs":["photometric redshift", "photo-z", "photometric redshifts", "photo-zs"],
                "QUASARS":["quasar", "qso", "quasars", "qsos"],
                "HIGH-REDSHIFT UNIVERSE": ["high redshift", "high-redshift", "high-z"],
                "ML": ["machine learning", "deep learning"],
                "AGBs": ["agbs", "agb", "assymptotic giant branch"]}
  1. Install Google Client Library:
pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client
  1. In order to send the list to your email, you need to create a Google API here. Follow the instructions from here. Make sure you name the application as “Gmail API quickstart” and download the JSON file as “client_secret.json” in this directory location. Special thanks to this StackOverflow thread contributors.

  2. Run in your terminal or IDE

  3. Now check your email inbox!

Known bugs

  • [Not tested] This code is not ready for the case when /new presents more than 1 page of entries


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