PETR: Position Embedding Transformation for Multi-View 3D Object Detection

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This repository is an official implementation of PETR: Position Embedding Transformation for Multi-View 3D Object Detection.

In this paper, we develop position embedding transformation (PETR) for multi-view 3D object detection. PETR encodes the position information of 3D coordinates into image features, producing the 3D position-aware features. Object query can perceive the 3D position-aware features and perform end-to-end object detection. It can serve as a simple yet strong baseline for future research.


2022.06.10 The code of PETR is released. 2022.06.06 PETRv2 is released on arxiv. 2022.06.01 PETRv2 achieves another SOTA performance on nuScenes dataset (58.2% NDS and 49.0% mAP) by the temporal modeling and supports BEV segmentation. 2022.03.10 PETR is released on arxiv. 2022.03.08 PETR achieves SOTA performance (50.4% NDS and 44.1% mAP) on standard nuScenes dataset.


This implementation is built upon detr3d, which can be constructed as the instructions.

  • Environments Linux, Python==3.6.8, CUDA == 11.2, pytorch == 1.9.0, mmdet3d == 0.17.1

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Data Follow the mmdet3d to process the nuScenes dataset (

  • Pretrained weights To verify the performance on the val set, we provide the pretrained V2-99 weights. The V2-99 is pretrained on DDAD15M (weights) and further trained on nuScenes train set with FCOS3D. For the results on test set in the paper, we use the DD3D pretrained weights. Please put the pretrained weights into ./ckpts/.

  • After preparation, you will be able to see the following directory structure:

    ├── mmdetection3d
    ├── projects
    │   ├── configs
    │   ├── mmdet3d_plugin
    ├── tools
    ├── data
    │   ├── nuscenes
    ├── ckpts

Train & inference

git clone

You can train the model following:

tools/ projects/configs/petr/ 8 --work-dir work_dirs/petr_r50dcn_gridmask_p4/

You can evaluate the model following:

tools/ projects/configs/petr/ work_dirs/petr_r50dcn_gridmask_p4/latest.pth 8 --eval bbox

Main Results

We provide some results on nuScenes val set with pretrained models. These model are trained on 8x 2080ti without cbgs. Note that the models and logs are also available at Baidu Netdisk with code petr.

config mAP NDS training config download
PETR-r50-c5-1408×512 30.5% 35.0% 18hours config log / gdrive
PETR-r50-p4-1408×512 31.70% 36.7% 21hours config log / gdrive
PETR-vov-p4-800×320 37.8% 42.6% 17hours config log / gdrive
PETR-vov-p4-1600×640 40.40% 45.5% 36hours config log / gdrive


Many thanks to the authors of mmdetection3d and detr3d .


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If you have any questions, feel free to open an issue or contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].


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