PIE Project Manager

Pie is a loose structured python project manager.

A Loose structured and easy to use python project manager. Different sets of
commands can be accessed by using the cli inside a project directory or
outside of it.


Install PIE Project Manager on pip

  pip install pie-manager
  pip3 install pie-manager 




pie <cli-command> <cli-arguments> -<cli-options>
pie <project-dir> ## while outside project dir
pie run <args> ## while inside project dir
pie <file>.py <args> ## anywhere

CLI Commands


CLI Command Description
-V, –version Prints the pie version number.
–help Shows the help message for a certain command.
changelog Displays the changelog for the current version of PIE.

Outside a project

CLI Command Description
cfg Edits the config file.
delete-project Deletes a project.
listproj Lists all the projects in the current directory.
new Creates a new python project.
pkg Packages a project.
unpkg Unpacks a project.

Inside a project (Directory should contain a “project.json”)

CLI Command Description
autoinstall Automatically installs all modules to the venv, used in the project.
install Installs a package in the virtual environment.
list Displays pip list of the virtual environment.
pip Runs pip commands from the virtual environment.
push Pushes the repository to the specified remote and branch (Assuming Git repo is initialised).
reqs Generates a requirements.txt file for the project.
run Run a project while inside it’s directory.
show Displays pip package of the virtual environment.
uninstall Uninstall a package from the virtual environment.
ver Displays or Changes the version of the python project.

CLI Demonstration



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