Play a song with a FDM 3D printer. SLA printers don’t have motors, so they cannot play music.

Warning: Be ready to turn off the 3D printer in case the motor reaches
the axis limit.


python main.py ...


  • -i: Input MIDI file.
  • -o: Output G-code file.
  • -p: Pitch multiplier.
  • -l: Length of axis (currently ignored).
  • -a: Axis to use e.g. "Y". Normally, the Y axis is loudest.
  • -r: Axis to use for rests. The "X" and "E"xtruder axes are quietest, but some printers
    don’t move the extruder unless it is heated.
  • --home: Move to home position before playing.

Copy the gcode to the printer and print it.
The gcode flavor is Marlin.

Example command:

python main.py -i a.mid -o a.gcode -a Y -r X --home

How it works:

The 3D printer moves motors, and usually makes noises. These noises are arbitrary in most prints,
but if you move the motors at certain speeds, the resulting sounds may form a song.

The script computes the speeds based on a MIDI file (the song).

Future features

  • Multiple simultaneous voices and timbres using all axes.
  • Compute direction of move to stay roughly in the middle.


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