plover-tapey-tape is an alternative to Plover’s built-in paper tape.
It provides a side-by-side view of strokes and translations as well as
extra information such as bars to the left representing how long each
stroke took.

      |   KP   A              |
   ++ |      H AO*E  R     S  | Here's
    + |     WH A              | what
      |  T                    | it
 ++++ |      HRAO      B G   Z| looks
   ++ |      HRAO EU   B G    | like
    + |  T P H                | in
    + |    P  RA       B G S  | practice
    + |  T P          P L     | .

As you write, the paper tape is written in real time to a file named
tapey_tape.txt in Plover’s configuration directory:

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\plover
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/plover
  • Linux: ~/.config/plover

You can review the file afterwards or use a tool like tail -f to
get a real-time feed.


To configure this plugin, create a JSON file named tapey_tape.json
in Plover’s configuration directory (see above). The available options
are as follows:

  • bar_time_unit: The amount of time in seconds each + sign represents.
    Defaults to 0.2.
  • bar_max_width: The maximum number of + signs shown. Set this to 0
    to hide the bars. Defaults to 5.

For example, to stretch out the bars to twice the default width,
you can use

    "bar_time_unit": 0.1,
    "bar_max_width": 10


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