Pokemon game made in Python with open ended requirements from Codecademy.
This is one of my first projects utilizing OOP and classes!

-This game is a 2 player game run from the terminal
-Player can select their pokemon choices at the beginning
-Then players can battle and perform 1 of 3 actions: attack opponent, use a potion, or switch out pokemon
-intial release has some known bugs (they will be resolved in future iterations):
-when pokemon is knocked out, trainer cannot reselect it. Currently, this will just waste the players turn
-when pokemon is knocked out, trainer cannot attack it. Currently, this will waste the players turn
-need to create logic so that a trainer can only use a potion based on how much is in his/her inventory
-when a pokemon is knocked out, need to implement logic so that the trainer needs to select a new pokemon

-known improvements and features to implement:
-each time pokemon wins a fight, give them experience
-each time pokemon reaches certain experience, they can evolve
-create inheritence classes with more pokemon from the Pokemon class

Let me know if there are any suggestions\feedback.


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