Pixel place bot for Brony team at r/place 2022

How to run

  1. Install Python 3. Python 2 will NOT WORK. It MUST be Python 3.
  2. Install Git. This is required for you to be able to update the bot.
  3. Download the bot by using the git clone https://github.com/CloudburstSys/PonyPixel.git command
  4. Navigate to the downloaded file using cd PonyPixel
  5. Run pip install -r requirements.txt to download requirements
  6. Run python bot.py <username> <password> and sit back.

How to update

If the script detects that it’s version is out of date it will prompt you to update. You are responsible for going through the install instructions again to update the bot.

Updating of the image used as reference is done automatically as part of checking for damage.


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