AEScryptor Tool Description

Encrypt and Decrypt files with AES-128 (16bytes key).

AES mode = CFB (cipher Feedback)

security = super safe!


[1] Choose [1] or [0] ( [Encryption] or [Decryption] )

[2] Type keyphrase!

[3] Select a file (or path of a file)

[4] Enjoy!

Real life usage

Everyday Example..

Alice wants to send a file to her friend Bob, but she wants to keep the content unreadable from the “Others”..After a long search at the web she found a tool called AEScryptor which contains operations which can make her file unreadalbe. She encrypts the file with a secret key of her choice and sends the encrypted file via e-mail to Bob. Bob receives an e-mail from Alice which contains a file and a random word..Bob realizes that the file was encrypted, immediately uses AEScryptor to decrypt the message ( key = random word).It was a txt file which name was catme.txt, Bob uses his terminal to see the content $cat catme.txt and the pharse was Respect Online Anonymity and Privacy

Recommended package : pycryptodome –> $pip install pycryptodome


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