Pre-1.0 door/chest sound injector for Minecraft. While the game is running, doorjector hotswaps the new sounds for the old right before the sounds become cached, allowing the injected SFX to bypass Mojang server authentication.


You need to execute the script while on the dirt splash screen, before going into a game. Injecting during active playthrough causes the cache to randomize the sounds, and it’s really just not an enjoyable experience for anyone involved.

Injected SFX only work in their active JVM; you will need to rerun this script when you restart Minecraft.

Doorjector should work on any golden-age Minecraft version, but only a1.1.2_01 & b1.7.3 have been tested.

door_open.ogg & door_close.ogg cannot be supplied for copyright reasons.

Usage examples

python3 /home/draumaz/.minecraft/a1.1.2/resources/newsound/random ~ inject into instance 'a1.1.2' (case sensitive)

python3 /home/draumaz/.minecraft/b1.7.3/resources/newsound/random clean ~ reset file locations for instance 'b1.7.3' (required upon exit)

MultiMC Exit Command

Upon exiting the game, you need to rerun doorjector to put the original sound files back so that the files authenticate properly on the next start. To simplify this, I highly recommend adding an exit command on MultiMC something like this:



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