predict bus arrival time using VertexAI and Nvidia’s Jetson Nano Infra architecture

imagenet the command for imagenet.py look like this

python3 /path/to/imagenet.py --model=/path/to/resnet18.onnx --labels=/path/to/labels.txt --input_blob=input_0 --output_blob=output_0 rtsp://exceptional_user:[email protected]

you also can use imagenet with docker and with different protocols check the repo(https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-inference) for more information

iot_http the code here uses private key to generate JWT token to access Google IoT Core and publish message to Pub/Sub, this file is invoked by imagnet.py iot_message funciton but it also can be publish messages with command

python3 iot_http.py --message bus_2,2022-02-02,24578


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