Windows Terminal Themes

Themes for Windows Terminal.

How to use the themes

This site let's you preview and then copy a theme you like (or download a json file with all of them).

The official docs for Windows Terminal seem to very thoroughly explain how to change the settings, but essentially:

  • open Windows Terminal settings
  • add your chosen theme(s) to schemes
  • in profiles, find the shell you're using (eg cmd, powershell, ubuntu) and replace colorScheme with the name of the theme

Contribute a theme

Ideally for the ecosystem new themes should be proposed to iTerm2-Color-Schemes (where most of these themes come from), then everyone can benefit.

If not, new themes can be add added with a pull request. Just add them to the list in app/src/custom-colour-schemes.json. You shouldn't need to run anything. If you'd like to receive credit, or know who should, please add it to this README when submitting.