price checker windows application

This application monitors the prices of selected products and displays a notification if the price has changed.

To configure the application, run the settings file, it has a simple gui. To track some product add it’s url
in the big text field (aliexpress, ozon and sbrmegamarket are currently supported, Amazon and Taobao will be soon). Then add a check delay in
the small text field in format days-hours-minutes (like 00-10-30) and click “Создать” (Create) button. Click
on “Просмотреть” (manage) button to show all created checker objects in the big text field. Use check-box if
you want to recieve notifications only if price is decreased. After creating the objects tun the main
file to monitor prices.

Нou can send commands to the small text field using the “Команда” (Command) button. Supported commands:

del – delete checker object with given number
set – change check delay of the object with given number
!clear – delete all created checker objects

To add new marketplace support you need:

  1. add new function in the checker_functions file that assepts product url and return Price class (price, currency).
    2.import this function to the checker file and add couple (marketplace_domain, checker_function) to the price_checker_functions dict.

if something doesn’t work try to change user agen in get_html function

This is the early build. Application is not fully tested yet.


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