Source code for the paper:

Jingwei Huang, Yanfeng Zhang, Mingwei Sun. [PrimitiveNet: Primitive Instance Segmentation with Local Primitive Embedding under Adversarial Metric], ICCV 2021 .

PrimitiveNet Teaser


git submodule update --init --recursive
sh scripts/

Download data and checkpoints

Follow the comments in to download the data and checkpoints.

sh scripts/

Evaluation on ABC

sh scripts/

Predicted results on test set are visualized in src/results/visualize. Original network predictions are saved in src/results/predictions.

After all test set predictions are generated, an evaluation for mSegIOU/mLabelIOU/APs will be executed and final results will be saved at src/results/statistics.

Train ABC from scratch

sh scripts/

Logs and trained models will be saved at src/results/checkpoint.

Execute on a large scene

sh scripts/

The segmented large scene is stored at src/results/visualize/final.obj.