Procedurally generated Oblique Strategies for writing your own Oblique Strategies.


How to use it

Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.

Run the script.

Now, receive the prompt and ask yourself… in what ways might I expand it? Try rewriting it into a tweet-sized provocation.

  • What does it remind you of? Try mixing that into the prompt.
  • What examples, anecdotes can you include?
  • Can you expand on the prompt with a “why” explanation?


Requirements: Python 3.7, Pip, .

To clone the repository and install the dependencies:

git clone [email protected]:gordonbrander/prompt_generator.git
cd prompt_generator
pip3 -r requirements.txt


From the prompt_generator directory:

./ grammars/prompt.json

This will print a prompt on the console, such as…

A either/or prompt to make an analogy to another field (religion, space, music)