Mesh-to-SDF converter

Given a (potentially nasty, nonconvex) mesh, automatically creates an SDF file that describes that object. The visual geometry is pointed to the input mesh, and the collision geometry is pointed to a convex decomposition of the input mesh (as performed by trimesh and vhacd.

This has been designed to interoperate well with Drake, but doesn’t strictly need it.


For just basic conversion:

argparse lxml numpy trimesh

and you need testVHACD on your PATH. I use to get it.

The visualization utility requires Drake.


To perform the conversion (here, on an example mesh with a 1000x downscaling):

python test_data/bowl_6p25in.obj --scale 0.001 --preview

If you have Drake installed, you can inspect the resulting SDF (use the menu at the right to show/hide the visual and collision mesh components):

python test_data/bowl_6p25in.sdf

Both can be invoked with --help to see additional arguments.


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