Project Euler in Python

  1. In this repository I collect and document my solutions to the famous set of mathematical challenges found at

  2. According to the rules of Project Euler, it is only allowed to share the solutions to the first 100 exercises in a informative manner online.

  3. While I am trying to solve the exercises in ascending order (which mostly resembles ascending difficulty), I will solve some exercises from a later stage without having done some preceding ones.

  4. The exercises are labeled the following: “id_exercise name”.

  5. Not all of the exercises will be solved by the most efficient manner, but sometimes just in the most readable way. However, if highest efficiency is key for an exercise, the focus will be put on efficiency.

  6. I try to solve most exercises without any modules unless modules are necessary or significantly contribute to efficiency or readaility.

  7. If you find any bugs in my code or have any questions or recommendations, feel free to contact me!


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